Insane Botanicula PC Game Review

Botanicula PC game is the story of 5 creatures, living on a tree, that has been created by a falling star. It’s actually a gigantic tree, with green leaves and full of fruits, chestnuts, as well as little villages. But there live also hungry parasites on it, that seek to dine upon it. Your adventure begins at the top of the tree. As the parasites on the tree begin to be vicious devouring, your 5 friends find themselves to fight for trying to save their home. In fact, they are humble little creatures, with noble intentions and do whatever they can, in order to save their home.

Botanicula Game PC

This is an arty indie game and of course it has also spiders. In this game you are are responsible of a small group and you have to guide them, in order to achieve your goal. Keep in mind that one of the game’s strengths is its ability to guide without special instruction. There are small animations, such as the barely hovering fly, as well as audio cues and visual cues, like the hieroglyphs, which do a great job of highlighting in different ways the puzzles and the solutions of Botanicul PC game. Your goal is to find three feather and in order to do so you must solve different puzzles along the way. There are also a few fetch quest and usually you just have to click things in the right order, by trying to guess which is the right path that you should follow and at the same time you have to interact with objects by pushing or squeezing them. Keep in mind also that a baking bug guards one of the feathers that you are looking for. With your first clicks, you just make the bug bark louder.

It’s not that simple game as it looks

In the beginning, the game looks simple, but you have to solve some puzzles and explore it. Even though it’s not a hard game, the puzzles are not that simple, especially in the latter half of the game. In fact, everything on this game has been designed with the outmost attention and details (such as the tiny glowing pollen). Far more often, you just have to click on everything, just to see what happens. For every click you make, there is an accompanying animation and different sounds, that makes the game enjoyable. Like a screen of a singing critter howl or just creating Christmas. In fact, it’s an elimination process and you’ll enjoy all the results that will pop up for you. For example, at some point you find yourself in a situation that you need to choose one of your creatures to try to resolve the puzzle.

It’s a great game that is taking you from the top of the tree to a village of blobs, trying to find chickens to power their helicopter, all the way down to the darkest roots of the tree and its surroundings. In Botanicula PC game review, you’ve got the feeling that you are making great discoveries, in an amazing game which is full of charms, great puzzles, fantastic soundtracks and amazing explorations.