the kim kardashian hollywood apk review

Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats is a very fascinating game that you can play on your device. Your ultimate objective in playing this game is to ensure you rise from being just a lowly Hollywood newbie to being a top class Hollywood celebrity. You will achieve this in the game by accomplishing a series of quests ranging from promotional events, photo shoot outs, dating, buying clothes, a house, furniture and working in the press to even spending time with Kim Kardashian herself. Each of the activities you get involved in boosts your star power.KIM KARDASHIAN HOLLYWOOD

Kim Kardashian Hollywood apk review

You certainly need to be well equipped with tips, cheats and tricks that will finally reward you with desired celebrity status. It’s only by using this methods that you are sure of rising faster to the A list status.

In Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats you have to manipulate the way you are dressed, the locations you visit and reside in as well as the people you interact with and date. Certainly, for you to get the best of all these you need cash. This can be earned in a variety of ways such as performing and promoting various activities and items in the game or by working at the Kardash stores and in the So Chi store. It can also be found in some hidden locations throughout the game. Incidentally, you can also make free money and silver stars. You just need to watch videos and complete offers to get this cash or see.

Buying clothes in the game is one of the first things you can meaningfully do; it is one of the best ways to climb the social status in Hollywood. Of course the richer and more famous you become, the fancier the clothes you are able to purchase. Remember for you to win in this game you have to climb the social status in Hollywood to join the A list. You also need to have two hundred million fans. This is no mean feat considering that Kim Kardashian herself does not command such a following on both Instagram and Twitter combined. Once you get to the top of the A list the most enjoyable thing to do in Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats is to accumulate your wealth and finally buy everything; all those cars, homes, clothes and furniture. That way you become a superstar. Try it out and have the fun as you see how far you can go.

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